Hi! I’m PJ. I like to build stuff.

I spend most of my time in PHP-land, but I also do a bit of Node.js and Android and iOS app development.

I’m a senior developer at American Reading Company where I work on Bookshelf, our e-reader platform, and SchoolPace, our student performance management system.

My pet project is WellRESTed, a PHP library for building RESTful APIs and websites based on PSR-7.

Aside from being a developer, I’m also a husband, cat wrangler, dog daddy, skeptic, science enthusiast, jazz aficionado, WoW healer, and freelance astronaut.

Carl Sagan wrote in The Demon-Haunted World, “Not explaining science seems to me perverse. When you’re in love, you want to tell the world.” This is the way I see programming, and I’ve put this site together to have a place to share tips and code snippets, plugins and projects.

Happy coding!